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COMING SOON! There are many reasons that camp-based programs are important, but the mentoring of youth in small groups by college-aged counselors is certainly the most important. Providing this mentoring in a safe environment surrounded by unique adventure opportunities that often happen in God’s creation adds to the formula for passing on faith and developing leaders. 

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Adults and families need Christian community too. Adults are given time to just unwind, but also time to deepen friendships and focus on the things that are most important in their lives. Families grow in faith together and make memories that they will carry with them forever.

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“It was such an amazing feeling being there and bringing the ranch to life!!. Would love to visit it now as an adult!! Peace and love!!”

Christine Barberis

“My girls had the time of their lives!!! Thank you so much, my heart is so full. God was definitely present.”

Rozalyn Mattocks

“This is our 8th year here for our men’s retreat, looking forward to our next one! A great place to relax and enjoy God.”

Wayne Linke

“I have led Women’s and Men’s retreats at the Holy Trinity house as well as attending first call retreats there. It is a perfect setting and we always feel God’s presence there!! Love it!!”

Pastor Patti Axel